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Authentic New York Style Pizza in the heart of Calgary

The love at Carmine's is the people...
a team of staff and owners that truly love what they are doing and are committed to making sure that every pizza...every slice...
is the best that it can possibly be.

The freshest ingredients, a crust like no other and toppings chosen for their taste...not their cost. All put together to give you a great product every time.

We invite you to come down and visit us for a slice and some soft serve ice cream.

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About Us

There is more than just great pizza

Carmine's serves more than just delicious pizza. Try our cheesy baked Lasagna, juicy Meatballs, mouth-watering Jalapeno Poppers, or our decadent desserts. Looking for more?

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No distance is too far for delicious pizza

Experience authentic New York Pizza pie in Calgary.

We only have one location in Calgary

#4 - 390 Northmount Drive NW 

We're open 7 days a week,

Mon        Closed

Tue to Wed: 11am to 8pm   

Thu to Sun: 11am to 9pm  

We also offer Catering, which is available from 11:00 am any day we are open. All Catering orders do require a minimum of 24hrs notice.



Anna R


"The pizza is so good it made me emotional. We shared a Capo pizza (white sauce, mushrooms, pecorino and truffle oil). Absolutely incredible. The dough is perfect, it's baked perfectly, the toppings are added in the perfect amount. It's just so good. The owner and the staff are wonderfully hospitable and gracious and I am really looking forward to coming back."

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